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COVID-19 Precautions

Laser Dental Bakersfield follows the CDC recommendation to use additional infection prevention and control practices (IPC) during COVID-19 pandemic along with standard practices recommended as a part of routine dental healthcare delivery to all patients. These practices are intended to apply to all patients, not just those with suspected or confirmed COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, MERS, Hepatitis C, AIDS, and other infectious diseases. We follow the rule of "Universal Precaution" in our dental practice.
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1.  We screen our patients with the COVID-19 questionnaire.
2.  We take body temperature on all the staff and patients who enter our office and given COVID questionnaire daily.
3.  Facemasks are required for everyone entering our office. One will be provided if they do not bring their own.
4.  Hand sanitizers are readily available for the patient to use upon entering our office.
5.  Pens and countertops were sanitized after each use.
6.  Sneezeguard plastic shields were placed in our front desk area.
7.  We use UV-C LIGHT to disinfect each treatment room for 30 minutes before and after use in addition to EPA approved chemical disinfectants and disposable plastic barriers we use in each operatory

How Does UV Light Disinfect the Corona Virus?

Ultraviolet (UV) light is a useful tool for thorough disinfection and sanitation. Specifically, the UV-C range (wavelengths ranging between 200nm and 280nm) is capable of eliminating viruses, bacteria, mold, and spores - including COVID-19 corona virus, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), Middle East Respiratory syndrome (MERS), e.coli, yeast, and more. This solution is being used in large scale wastewater treatment, medical facilities, laboratories, manufacturing, food processing and hospitals.

During the disinfection process, UV-C light targets the DNA of the microbe. Exposure to the light causes thymine dimers to form in the DNA. As more thymine dimers are formed, damage starts to accumulate inside the DNA. Bumps also appear in the DNA because of the dimers formed. These cellular mutations negatively affect growth and the risk of non-repair increases. Eventually, the damage becomes too extensive and the cells die. DNA replication is stopped, which reduces infection or spread rate of the virus.
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8.  Every Operatory/treatment room has a powerful AIR PURIFIER that has the combination of 5 technologies - AHPCO, Bi-Polar ionization, Germicidal ultraviolet light, True-HEPA and Carbon Filtration which continuously purifies the air in each room during business hours.
9.  We use UV plus HEPA EXTRAORAL EVACUATION (VACUUM) SYSTEM to reduce aerosols and splatter encountered during many dental procedures from spreading outside the treatment room. This Mini UV system vacuum filters air outside the mouth at volumes up to 137 cubic feet/minute through 4 separate cleaning states:
•  UV light and plasma Ionizer
•  Fine dust and moisture filter
•  0.3-micron HEPA (H13) filter
•  Final air cleaning filter

10.  PPE - Personal Protective Equipment. We use SMS lab coats that we autoclave sterilize every patient until soiled then discarded. We use N95 facemasks that were fit tested and certified for its seal and efficiency. We use Face shield over our N95 mask and goggles and lastly use of hair cap and gloves.
11.  We practice social distancing by limiting the number of patients we see each day. We also ask our patients to wait in their car until the last patient was dismissed and has left the office.
12.  Our Standard Infection Control Protocol is consisting of the following:
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•  We use disposable plastic barriers, bibs, bib clips, air & water syringe tips, suction tips, saliva ejectors and other disposable dental materials.
•  We use Chemical sterilizer and 2 Autoclave sterilizers which we test weekly and monitored by a private company for sterilization efficiency.
•  We use portable water bottle system using Nestle distilled water and not use city water in our dental procedures.
•  We shock all our waterlines to prevent the formation of Biofilm inside the dental tubing.
•  We flush all our suction tubing with an enzymatic solution every patient to flush and clean all blood and saliva that passed the tubing.
•  We use EPA approved chemical disinfection to kill Hepatitis A, B, C, AIDS, TB, and other viruses and bacteria on all the materials, equipment, and surfaces that we handle

In conclusion, our patients and staff safety are the priority in Laser Dental Bakersfield. We want to assure our patients that we go over an beyond the standard of care recommended by CDC, CDPH and ADA for infection prevention and control practice for dental healthcare delivery before, during and after this pandemic.

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